09 Apr, 2013   |   SEO

5 Questions To Ask Your SEO Provider If You Suspect Shady Work

There’s a lot of information about questions to ask prospective SEO providers to ensure that they’re an ethical and capable provider, but I’ve only recently noticed how little information there is regarding people that are currently engaged in business with providers. With each increasingly intelligent algorithm update, Google is able to steadily “shake off” more and more of the poor quality work …

05 Apr, 2013   |   Search Marketing Tools, Startups and Entrepreneurship

Adam Sandler's Rules for Agile Marketing

Some of my favorite movies of all time feature Adam Sandler and his funny, yet sometimes extreme humor. While constantly trying to associate my life with movies, I’ve noticed that some of his best quotes can be translated in to agile marketing techniques. What is agile marketing? Agile marketing is a strategy that focuses on the rapid response …

26 Mar, 2013   |   Trello Tuesday

The One Hour SEO Audit Checklist - Trello Tuesday

An SEO audit can be one of the most tedious tasks that an SEO has to perform. Unless you’re a fundamentally technical SEO (which I’m not by any means), it’s often viewed as boring, or even as a necessary evil. Nevertheless, it’s absolutely critical that an audit be performed when starting a new campaign. A well performed audit is a crucial …

21 Mar, 2013   |   Social Media

Marketing Lessons Learned from a Pinterest Addict

My name is Haley, and I am a Pinterest addict. Since Pinterest began, I’ve been an advocate for the late night pinning sessions till 1 a.m., telling my self,”just one more scroll” before finally forcing myself to go to bed. (insert nerd joke here). However, while being an avid user, I’ve noticed some mind-blowing trends that could help out any marketer …

13 Mar, 2013   |   Search Marketing Tools

5 Time Saving SEO Tools You Should Be Using In Your Campaigns

As marketers, we live in a world where we’re always bombarded by things that demand our time. Clients, new techniques, getting familiar with the latest social network, or the work itself. Obviously there’s nothing we can do about most of that, but what we can do is make certain processes easier and work for us. Zemanta Image via CrunchBase For anyone …

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