More than likely you know who your target market is, but you’re having a hard time coming up with an organized strategy to get their attention and convert them into paying customers. That’s where we come in.

Content Strategy Development

Developing a strategy for content means that we get to know your brand intimately. We take the time to understand the tone, style, and overall personality of not only your brand, but your target audience as well.

Once we have a good grasp on this, we work with you to create content campaigns that are designed to pull your audience in and keep them engaged.

Content Creation

During the content creation phase we take great care to think about how we’re going to leverage the final product. For instance, if we’ve compiled a large amount of survey data for a newsworthy post, we may plan to coordinate the release with industry journalists so they can write about it as well.

Content Promotion and Link Building

Once the content is polished and published, we turn our eye to promoting said content. We employ a variety of tactics to push the content out – social media, digital PR, paid advertising are all strategies that we use during this phase.

One of the most common services that clients come to us for is link building. We offer custom link building campaigns, as well as link building plans for companies of all sizes. Our streamlined process and strong relationships with editors and site owners allows us to build strong, ethical and lasting links for our clients. These link building plans are split up into industry, and allow for our clients to easily choose which content on their site that they want to promote, as well as the price associated with it. The end result is a strong link profile for your website.

Measuring Efforts

We track conversations, shares, revenue, and links earned to make sure we know the effectiveness of each content marketing campaign. The results are reported back to you, and we both decide where future campaigns need improvement.

This process has resulted in major wins for our clients. Everything from placement in national publications, to dozens of new links for a single blog post. What does your content marketing process look like?