MightySkins - eCommerce Case Study

MightySkins specializes in making custom vinyl skins for various types of devices ranging from cell phones, to tablets, and GoPros.

The Problem

They came to us from another search marketing agency, and our first task was to take an inventory of what the previous agency had done, as well as decide where to take the strategy from there.

The Solution

The decision was made to proactively go after younger age groups, since they were the ones mainly interested in customizing their devices. Using this strategy, we earned mentions and links from major colleges, as well as increasing sales specifically from student and faculty discounts we implemented. This portion of the campaign continues to drive sales to this day.

Along the way, the decision was made to open up production to a new niche, E-cigarette users. This proved to be very valuable as soon as the products launched, and even more so when we reached the top of the search engines for most of our main keywords.

All told, through a variety of morphing strategies that included SEO, social media, and digital PR we were able to achieve the following results over the course of one year:

  • Total traffic increases of 240%
  • Organic traffic increases of 270%
  • Over 600% increase in conversions
  • Over 800% increase in revenueMightySkins SEO Case Study Graph

Social Media

The Problem

Before the campaign, MightySkins had 1,124 fans on Facebook, an average post reach of 14 people, and 0 sales coming in from Social Media. Our main goal for their accounts was to increase revenue using social media advertising.

The Solution

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