If you talk to the staff members of a search marketing agency that lacks our track record of success, you may be told that SEO isn’t really that complicated. You might be advised that, with a little bit of research, just about anyone can become an SEO expert.

While it is possible for anyone to master SEO, it would take considerably more than a “little bit of research” to achieve that status. In fact, the study of SEO is a lifelong pursuit that requires frequent study as best practices and techniques evolve on a regular if not daily basis.

The truth is, search engine optimization is not for the faint of heart. SEO is, or should be, the domain of serious digital marketers who’ve made the commitment to be students of their profession for the duration of their careers.

At Heroic Search, we’ve made the commitment to study search engine optimization every day. We’ve made the promise to always be on the leading edge of SEO trends and the adoption and implementation of best practices. And we’ve made the pledge to use our vast knowledge of SEO to help our clients to do more than succeed. We’ve made the commitment to help our clients thrive.


Your ROI

When you choose to work with our search engine marketing agency, you’re gaining a trusted partner that’s as dedicated to your growth and success as you are. Our goal is to compose an SEO strategy that will produce a positive return on investment for your business.

What does that mean? It means what you want it to mean. For some businesses a positive ROI means more revenue. For others it may mean more leads or conversions. For still others it might mean greater brand awareness, increased goodwill or more shares on social media.

Whatever your objective is in the context of ROI, we’ll craft an SEO strategy that’s designed to help you surpass your goal.


SEO Strategy

While we offer individual SEO services, most of our clients seek out our services because they need a comprehensive SEO campaign. Although there are many other aspects to search engine optimization, SEO can be broken down into four primary components that are the cornerstones of any broad-based SEO campaign.

Technical Search Engine Optimization

You don’t need to be particularly tech-savvy to understand what technical search engine optimization is. Technical SEO simply refers to everything that’s involved with making sure search engines can crawl and index your website with ease.

More specifically, technical SEO involves things like page load speed and the structure of your content. It also involves the mobile-friendliness of your website. Today, a responsive design that provides the same user experience across devices is the name of the game when it comes to technical SEO.

When you choose us as your SEO partner, we’ll review your technical SEO and make sure your website is up to speed, both literally and figuratively.

On-Site Optimization

Every page on your website should be optimized for SEO. Your website should be optimized overall as well. This is where things like keyword research, meta descriptions, page titles, descriptive URLs and calls to action come into play.

If your technical SEO is sound, on-site optimization is much easier. We’ll make sure your technical SEO provides a solid base for the onsite-SEO optimization we perform on your website.


It was Bill Gates who said “content is king” when it comes to the Internet and his words ring even truer all these years later. When you think about it, this is a concept that’s pretty easy to understand. Your website is merely a platform for you to explain what your company is all about, describe the things you sell and tell people why they should do business with you, after all. How do you communicate these things? With content, of course.

In many instances, a well-composed content marketing strategy paired with a sound SEO strategy is the most effective way to promote an organization to a broad-based audience. This approach is easily scalable, but without the related increase in cost despite attracting a larger audience. This makes it hard to beat for many businesses that use content marketing.

Link Building

When it comes to link building, you need to lose the “more is better mentality” and focus on the quality of your links. It’s important for your website to have links to build authority and credibility, but only a certain kind of link will help you achieve those goals. And that kind of link is a high-quality, positive, organic link from a trusted website.

To get relevant links, the key is to create content that’s worthy of being linked to by trustworthy websites. When you have relevant links on your website, search engines will reward you. If you have irrelevant links for the sake of just having any links on your website, search engines will penalize you with a lower position in search engine results pages.

When you work with Heroic Search, you’ll see that we consult a large network of website owners and editors to build links that positively benefit our clients and that will stand the test of time. We do this through various means, which include digital PR, outreach and content marketing.


Keyword Research

While we perform each of the services mentioned above as part of a comprehensive SEO strategy and on an individual basis, they aren’t the only SEO services we offer. We also do keyword research, for instance.

When we research keywords, we follow a multi-step process that enables us to identify the keywords that are relevant to your business and that will match a user’s intent when conducting a search. As a result, we’re able to choose keywords that are effective at generating traffic.


Competitive Analysis

Have you ever wondered why competitor A is always in the number one spot in SERPs and you land in the second position followed closely by competitor B? If so, we can explain things by performing an SEO analysis. When we perform a competitive analysis for you, it will reveal the positives and negatives of your competitors’ SEO campaigns and identify the areas you can improve to rank better in SERPs.


SEO Audits

It’s impossible to know how to improve your SEO if you don’t know what is and isn’t working in your favor. When we perform an SEO audit, we’ll examine every aspect of your website to identify the areas that could use improvement.


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