Common Desk

Common Desk

The Common Desk is a perfect example of a business who understands integrated marketing efforts, as well as being “real” to customers.

Common Desk is a coworking space that operates out of Dallas Texas. It’s a very diverse community with developers, accountants, lawyers, startup founders, and even caterers calling the space home.

The Problem

The difficult part of this campaign was starting most everything from scratch. When we came on board, the space had just opened, and was far away from reaching the critical mass needed to become self sustaining. Key performance indicators were primarily traffic and rankings.

The Solution

Naturally, one of the first things we focused on was organic traffic. Being one of the biggest coworking spaces in Dallas when they opened, they had already gotten some notoriety from local press. The few mentions that they had received had been good enough to quality to help them quite a bit from a link perspective, so they were already at the bottom of the first page of organic search results (Google).

We first started by setting up an editorial calendar that included regular blogging, external guest posts, and member spotlights to get the community involved. Common Desk is also involved with the startup community around Dallas, so we also handled things like live tweeting and event coverage.

We were fortunate enough to have direct access to the founder at all times, so tying in member activities into the campaign was without red tape. This allowed us to take advantage of PR opportunities. This lead to mentions in places like The Dallas Morning News and Coca-Cola.

By employing these strategies, we helped Common Desk earn top spots in the search engines, as well as create a foothold in the community. Over the course of 2 years we were able to achieve the following results:

  • Overall traffic increased 200%
  • Organic traffic increased 215%
  • Social traffic increased over 300%

This campaign has helped The Common Desk achieve dominant rankings above competitors, as well as assisted in bringing in enough new members to remodel twice in two years to accommodate everyone.

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