The Heroine of Digital Form
Meet Claudia Mayfield

About Me

Claudia began her adventure towards becoming a graphic designer when she started attending the University of Mississippi. While she was a student, Claudia worked for the Ole Miss School of Business and her sorority Pi Beta Phi. While working for the business school she gained experience designing ads, programs, and an assortment of digital media. Her Pi Phi sisters wanted something a little different. While working for her sorority Claudia designed all event ads and apparel.

After gaining experience at Ole Miss, Claudia began working for a tech company in Austin, Texas. There she created infographics and other promotional designs that made information more appealing and understandable to potential customers. This opened her eyes to making the difficult look easy, like Wonder Woman.

Having a desire to be closer to her West Texas home and with some apparel design experience under her belt, Claudia took a job with a t-shirt company in Lubbock, Texas. Although the designing was enjoyable Claudia discovered she did not channel Wonder Woman when it came to the retail business. She was not sure exactly where she wanted to go but knew that a change needed to be made, Claudia decided it was time to join the freelancing community.

This move made it easier for Claudia to spend time with her family and gain some extra designing experience with a number of diverse businesses and organizations, both large and small. From logos to posters, to brochures and websites, she was able to thrive on bringing data to life and making the difficult look easy. Starting out as one of her clients, Heroic Search has always been enjoyable to work with and now work for. Since then, Claudia enjoys the creative challenge and pushing herself to produce graphics that increase online presence and make her more like Wonder Woman every day!

What I do for fun

When she is not working, Claudia enjoys painting and running. Claudia has been painting since high school and is currently working on moving her paintings past her living room wall.

An enthusiastic solo traveler, Claudia goes all over Texas visiting her family and is now planning her first trip to Europe.