This is How Modern Companies Use AI to Power Their Marketing Efforts [Infographic]

It’s 2018, and artificial intelligence (AI) is finally making its way into the hands of… well, everyone. AI takes all the guesswork and most of the man-hours out of countless business processes. In a marketing capacity, AI can streamline campaigns and improve cybersecurity. To inspire your digital promotions, this is how modern businesses are using AI to their advantage (and how you can too!).

First, let’s look at some relevant AI statistics:

Before you dive into the deep end, you need to understand which aspects of AI consumers are comfortable with and how many companies are powering their businesses with automated intelligence.

  • 60% of consumers use AI-fueled navigation apps.
  • 75% of successful companies rate CRM software as a necessity.
  • 80% of marketers agree that personalization is more effective than generic content.
  • 44% of companies already use AI to detect and deter cyber threats.

The numbers above are only expected to rise.

Next, understand how AI has transformed the retail industry:

In 2017, there were three major trends that changed the retail industry as we knew it — the continued growth of mobile, improved delivery technology, and and the rise of programmatic advertising. Each of these trends is spoon-fed by artificial intelligence, both on the level of process development and consumer analytics. So, AI seems to be the foundation of sales, both online and off. But, retail isn’t the only industry affected.

Here’s how the most successful companies leverage AI-powered marketing:

When it comes to scaling your own business, there’s no better lead to follow than the top brands in your industry. Amazon didn’t climb to the top by sitting around twiddling their thumbs, and you won’t either; this informational graphic covers 28 different brands and the strategies they leverage. From Apple to UnderArmour, these are the AI marketing tactics and digital marketing tools big brands use to grow their companies and maintain success.

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