This is How Successful Link Building Goes far Beyond just Acquiring New Links

In the SEO world, it goes without saying, links are among extremely crucial factors that search engines use to determine rankings. As a fitting analogy, search engines have to crawl a vast swathe of the digital landscape, and links act as connecting streets between web pages. That means the more high-quality links pointing to your website, the more chances of getting a higher ranking. By using sophisticated link analysis, the engines can effectively figure out how pages are related to each other and in which manner.

So what does link analysis mean here?

Search engines use link data and sophisticated algorithms to perform nuanced evaluations of websites and web pages. The engines can not only analyze the popularity of sites and the valuable pages linked to them, but also determine the key factors like trust, spam, and authority. Thus, high-quality links add context and tell the “spiders” that there are more pages to be found through the backlinks, which are existing there.

Having mentioned about the importance of links, you must also understand that links should not be viewed as the end result; instead, there are other factors that go beyond link building to achieve the overall goal of your SEO campaigns.

So the following facts suggest that link building is a part of a larger, ongoing marketing cycle:

  • Due to the fluid nature of the Web, links decay or shrink over time.
  • Only developing link profiles but lacking the action means falling behind competitors.
  • Continuous pursuit of online marketing efforts generates fresh link opportunities.
  • Links support and bolster various digital marketing strategies, which maximize ROI.

What are some other Crucial Link Building Campaign Factors?

While acquiring new links is definitely a central part of your link building campaign, there are other factors that contribute to your online visibility. Here are the most important.

Crucial Link Building Campaign Factor #1: Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most crucial components of SEO because its correct use provides a roadmap for both the design and execution of building websites and developing content. It involves identifying popular words and phrases people enter into search engines. Link building is most effective when it is done strategically, which is why sound keyword research is of paramount importance. In addition to being part of SEO, keyword research is also a significant element behind successful content marketing. That is because it helps you find ideas for writing blog posts, learning more about the need of your audience, and keeping up with the ever-changing search algorithm.

To perform the proper keyword research, you need to start building a seed list of keywords. Seed keywords are baseline search terms, while a seed list provides the foundation for all of your expanded keyword research. The list is the first step in finding long tail keywords. The primary sources to identify your seed keywords are:

  • Terms directly associated with your products or services.
  • Words used by your audience.
  • Related search terms found in Google.
  • Current ranking pages and content.
  • Competitors’ keywords.

After building the seed list, the next step is to analyze the key terms that were so identified. It is done for gaining a better understanding of the potential search opportunity associated with each term. After the analysis, you should prioritize “keyword targets” to maximize SEO results.

Crucial Link Building Campaign Factor #2: Content Development

In many ways, content development is still the most important ranking factor. From improving direct traffic to increase user interaction to your site, content plays a critical role. The quality and relevance of content determine which keywords the pages on your website will rank for. In terms of link building, content and links both complement each other. High-quality content attracts links, while links improve the visibility and popularity of your website, and hence, attract your target audience.

However, not every type of content is linkable. Although different types of contents serve different purposes, but to create a powerful ranking strategy, your content should secure links. Typically, the link-worthy content is useful, entertaining, unique, insightful, or valuable. People prefer linking to the content that is authoritative and covers a specific topic in depth. A recent study by Moz and BuzzSumo analyzed one million articles to find the relationship between shares and links. The study found that the sweet spot content receives both shares and links.

Crucial Link Building Campaign Factor #3: Exceptional Web Design

Getting links based on web design is another creative way of securing higher ranking on search engines. You can take advantage of a unique, creatively designed website in your link building efforts by submitting your website into the following galleries:

CSS Galleries

CSS galleries are designed to show off the best the web has to offer in terms of slick, innovative design, clever code, or just top of the line websites. Submitting your site to CSS galleries allows you to get the best web designs. For that, you can find CSS gallery lists, or even pay a small fee for a service. While submitting your website to CSS galleries, you are provided with two options – either the gallery does a direct link to sites, or it uses a redirect. In either way, you get traffic, but only ones that directly link to you will give you the link juice.

Platform Galleries

Platform galleries basically showcase the best designs using specific technologies, whether your website is built on a particular platform or using a popular CMS (content management system). CMS is a web application to manage the content (text, image, video, and audio) of a website. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal are some of the most popular CMSs available for web design. You can compare these CMS solutions for yourself and decide which platform is right for you.

Theme-specific galleries

If you are using CMS platforms such as WordPress, you may not have a custom design, but you can get a customized theme for your website. Gallery themes offer more than a simple aesthetic upgrade. They bring cross-browser compatibility, full responsiveness, and impressive sliders. Basically, every tool that is required for your success can be found in one of these themes.

Crucial Link Building Campaign Factor #4: On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization is a must for ranking purpose. It involves optimizing internal elements of your website pages to make them more search engine friendly. In other words, on-page optimization is everything you can do on your website to tell people and search engines that your content is the one to read. It helps search engines understand your website better, meaning it verifies if your content would be relevant to people seeking related information. When your pages are well-designed and optimized, backlinks play a vital role in gaining visibility and traffic. Thus, it’s much more effective and sustainable to focus on links that serve a real human audience – especially an audience relevant to your brand, service, or product. Links that are useful to most of the people online are preferred by Google as well.

Crucial Link Building Campaign Factor #5: Link Reclamation

After creating links and getting backlinks, it is not sure that they would remain that way forever. The value of these links gets diluted or lost entirely due to a number of reasons, including incorrect/missing redirects, or simply down to human error. To fix or undone this, link reclamation becomes very important.

Link reclamation is a quick and easy way to spruce up your SEO efforts by fixing broken links that once gave value to your website. Restoring broken links is a valuable link building exercise in terms of the amount of time invested because the links are already in place, it’s just a matter of fixing them. Therefore by restoring the lost link value, you can quickly increase your rankings as well as link profile.


Link building is an essential exercise for gaining domain authority, page strength, and visibility – which, in turn, are crucial factors for getting top ranking on search engines.

However, there are other factors that determine the success of link building. These factors are proper keyword research, content development with linkable content, creative web design techniques, on-page optimization, and restoring broken links.

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