26 Jan, 2016   |   Content Creation and Marketing, Trello Tuesday

How to Create a Multi-Client Content Calendar with Trello

Managing content for multiple clients comes with a lot of challenges. It calls on content specialists to become experts in multiple fields; it requires research into a wide range of audiences and personas; it often takes several individuals, or departments, to complete a single piece; and it means keeping multiple lines of action in play at all times.

28 May, 2013   |   Trello Tuesday

Local SEO Campaign Setup - Trello Tuesday

As several of our clients have brick and mortar stores, we’re dealing with a lot of local campaigns. While local campaigns are often regarded as “less work” or even “easy” compared to an international or e-commerce campaign, there’s still a ton of work that needs to be done right when setup. To help speed up this process while still remaining efficient,…

30 Apr, 2013   |   Trello Tuesday

Organizing Your Link Building Campaign - Trello Tuesday

It’s Trello Tuesday again, and this month we’re bringing you a plan to help keep your link building efforts on track. Whether you’re sending out a small wave of 30 emails promoting a new whitepaper, or managing a massive content campaign involving hundreds of guest posting sites, you need processes and routines to help stay efficient and organized. One…

26 Mar, 2013   |   Trello Tuesday

The One Hour SEO Audit Checklist - Trello Tuesday

An SEO audit can be one of the most tedious tasks that an SEO has to perform. Unless you’re a fundamentally technical SEO (which I’m not by any means), it’s often viewed as boring, or even as a necessary evil. Nevertheless, it’s absolutely critical that an audit be performed when starting a new campaign. A well performed audit is a crucial…

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