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It’s no mystery that link-based factors are one of the strongest metrics that Google and many other search engines take into account when ranking a particular page and domain as a whole. This is precisely why we’ve structured our link building and content marketing packages the way we have.

With this in mind, the Heroic Search team focuses on a link building process that highlights relationship building as a core discipline. Whether it’s building links for SaaS companies, or an eCommerce store, we believe that cultivating strong relationships with quality editors is crucial to being about to earn powerful links effectively and reliably.

But it’s hard work — how are you supposed to make sure these links are always coming in and building up your site (especially with so many potential penalties)? That’s where the Heroic Search’s pay-per-link pricing packages come into play.

Our Link Building Packages

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Medium Link Building Price

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Our relevance-based link building packages are simple to understand and to choose from. In fact, the package is “chosen” for you.

Instead of structuring our pay-per-link building packages around a metric like Domain Authority, which is how most of our competitors conduct business, we take a different approach. After all, shouldn’t you ALWAYS expect the best quality links possible instead of paying for a certain quality-level (without a tremendous budget, you’ll only get semi-effective links)?

Our plans are priced around the competitiveness of your industry. The more competitive an industry is, the more time and resources it takes to actually generate links. This is why our link building pricing is broken into levels of industry competition, instead of meaningless metrics.

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This is What You Get

We treat your link building campaign similar to an ongoing monthly campaign: full reporting, consistent communication, and transparency with all packages. Since a lot of clients that engage with our services are in-house marketing managers and SEO companies themselves, we understand how important it is to remain clear in communication and adhere to deadlines.

  • Free content creation from in-house staff
  • Relevance-based link building
  • Contextual, followed links
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Transparency of tactics and methodology
  • In-house link acquisition team
  • Detailed reporting on a regular basis

How Does it Work?

Our process starts by getting to know you and a better understanding of your business. Since our link building packages are based specifically on relevance, we’ll jump on a call (or meet in person) with you to discuss the various link acquisition efforts that have been done so far. You talk to us about what kind of goals you have: rankings, social shares, traffic, revenue, or all of the above?.

After understanding what is most important to you, and what your goals are, we begin putting together a custom outreach campaign that earns links to the page you choose.

Stage 1: Research and Strategy

Once we have a solid grasp on your business and the goals you’re looking to accomplish through link building, we begin the process you see below. We begin by looking through your backlink profile and RESEARCHING your competitors. This helps us understand what kind of specific link acquisition tactics are popular in your industry, and what kind of weaknesses in your competitors’ strategies we can exploit.

Stage 2: Prospecting and Outreach

After understanding what tactics we want to employ, we begin generating large PROSPECTING lists filled with websites and people that would be receptive to our outreach. These lists usually contain hundreds of prospects, and sometimes thousands! After FILTERING these lists to focus on high-value targets, our link building team begins organized OUTREACH.

Stage 3: Link Placement & Rapport

As you can imagine, there are many conversations that come from outreach, which we call the NEGOTIATION period. We use any leverage we have to earn successful placement during the link negotiation phase – free samples of your product, guest posting opportunities, or even more creative partnerships. After successful link placement, we continue to nurture those RELATIONSHIPS that came from the completed campaign. This builds trust with these contacts, and makes it easier for us to build links for you when you start another campaign!



“Heroic Search are an integral piece of our SEO efforts, we can always count on them to develop and execute plans to earn valuable links.

Yaniv Goldenberg - Elementor
Yaniv Goldenberg Head of Acquisition - Elementor
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“We partnered with Heroic Search for a quick engagement to help us focus and prioritize our SEO efforts. They took the time to understand our pain points and in-house team expertise to tailor the project. The result was a solid action plan, which we’re implementing. Definitely worth the investment.

Kate Hahn
Kate Hahn Director of Marketing - St. Edward's University

“Heroic Search is a pleasure to work with. Jared and his talented team are exceptional at locating, and more importantly, delivering quality backlinks. Their content and organizational skills are also off the charts which is a rarity these days. Whether, you’re in need of content management, SEO or backlink development, you cannot go wrong working with the caped crusaders at Heroic Search!”

Kevin Hess
Kevin Hess Digital Marketing Director - Distasio Law Firm

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