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At Heroic Search, we’ve had the pleasure to work with ecommerce companies who are already doing great marketing and advertising, and we’ve been lucky enough to offer up our expertise as link builders and public relations professionals. While working on these campaigns, we’ve found that above all metrics, relevance is easily the most important factor that increases rankings for ecommerce keywords.

Knowing this, we approach our ecommerce campaigns with an eye to hyper-relevance. This means that all target pages – category, subcategory, and even product pages need to be relevant to the linking page. It’s this mentality that has allowed us to beat the competitors of our clients on an average of 6:1 competitors links to clients links (we only need 1 link to equal 6 of theirs).

This approach, as well as our heavy SEO-centric background has allowed us to make massive positive changes in our clients who operate ecommerce stores. Some of these results can be seen here, but if you want to understand our methodology and mindset, keep reading…

Revenue-Generating eCommerce Link Building Campaigns

Earning links to online stores has long been one of the most difficult types of websites to earn quality links towards. Most all of the money pages are category and subcategory pages aren’t generally informative in nature, so any outreach campaign would naturally struggle.

Fortunately, over the years we have built up a variety of link building tactics that work exceptionally well for ecommerce stores, as well as a large number of contacts that we can reach out to and earn links to those difficult money pages.

David Hyman - Owner of MightySkins

“Jared and his team at Heroic Search are a solid partner in the very hard to navigate world of SEO. I would highly recommend them for link building, content creation and increasing your overall site rankings.”

Pillars of Successful eCommerce Link Building Campaigns

eCommerce link building is full of challenges, to be sure, but there are a few standard “pillars” that you can count on to be tantamount to each other when executing upon a new campaign. This is especially true when you are hiring someone outside of your company (us, duh!) to help earn those ever-valuable links.

Site Structure

Understanding how the link equity will flow the website is crucial to making the most of every link placement. Without an intimate knowledge of this, a great deal of power is going to be lost, or flow towards areas of the store that don’t need link equity. With every new ecommerce link building project that we take on, this is always among the first things that are done. Once we know which URLs you want us to focus on, we make sure that the link equity is being dispersed in a way that makes those specific pages stronger.

Understanding Your Product

In marketing, everything begins with understanding the market that will be buying your product or service. When you are able to understand the “why” behind your customer’s buying decisions, you are able to better fine tine the marketing and overall offering to them.

It’s the same with link building. It’s paramount that we are able to understand your brand so that we can put your company in the best position possible when we are pitching your store to journalists, bloggers, editors, etc.

Enriched Content

Content plays a huge role in an ecommerce link building campaign. Links, as powerful as they are, will only get your store so far. But onsite content placement, as well as the writing itself, can be tricky for an online store. Making sure that content is placed where it will appease the search engines, as well as your shoppers, is part of the we do when we begin a campaign. This ensures that the links we help build are as valuable as possible.

Proper Link Targeting

eCommerce stores are huge, naturally. Even so, it’s not practical (or necessary) to build links to every category and subcategory on the site. If your store is established and making sales, our approach to deciding which URLs to target is to find a happy medium between pages that are already ranking, as well as what’s actually generating revenue.

The pages we target for a link building campaign is ultimately up to you, but we’ve seen great success with this methodology. It also helps generate revenue quicker, as the pages that are chosen to build links to already have strong rankings, although not at the number one position.

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