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Rumors and opinions about your business can spread around the internet like wildfire; this is awesome when it works to build your brand’s image, but what happens when the news traveling around the digital universe isn’t quite so flattering?

Thankfully, most businesses don’t encounter anything too damaging. Instead, it’s the little things that can make or break your digital presence – which in many ways can be worse.

At Heroic Search, we know that the huge PR snafu is a rare occurrence. That’s why we focus our digital PR services on capturing and capitalizing on every single opportunity, no matter how small, to turn your business into a shining star of the digital universe.

The goal is to build and protect your reputation to the point that it can’t be torn down.

What Is Digital Public Relations?

Let’s slide back a bit and go over some of the basics, starting with your approach to digital marketing.

Successful digital marketing strategies have lots of critical components. There’s SEO, social media, content marketing, and the list goes on. Most businesses tend to view each of these as being separate, wrapped up in their own pretty little bubble.

What we at Heroic Search realize is that they’re not separate at all, and instead are essential pieces of your PR puzzle that need to fit together. Digital PR is about reaching out and bringing it all together in a way that makes your brand shine.

Much like traditional public relations, the goal of digital PR is to build awareness of your brand and create a glow of professionalism and success around it. The only difference is that it’s all happening on the digital landscape and it requires a strategic, specialized approach.

Digital PR That Works with Your Other Marketing Services

Today’s consumer relies on and is influenced by the information that comes to them through digital media. Every aspect of your digital marketing strategy is aimed at attracting new customers and supplying them with value, entertainment, and information. At Heroic Search, we tap into this and leverage every one of your digital marketing tools in our PR services.


We make sure people can find you, and that their critical first introduction is an accurate representation of your brand.

Social Media

Social media monitoring is a crucial piece of making sure your brand’s reputation stays intact. We use several tools to do just that, as well as look for PR opportunities.

Link Building

The associations made with link building can make or break your brand. We make sure only high-quality links represent your brand.

Why Heroic Search?

Because we’re here to rescue our clients, not ourselves. We’re the digital PR agency that’s result driven and focused on your success. We bring exceptional talent and digital PR skills to the table, and we’re ready to win your trust. Stop drowning in the digital sea and contact Heroic Search today. Your life preserver is waiting.

Meet the Team

"The Architect"

Jared Carrizales

Jared fancies himself a Batman connoisseur, but the closest he gets to fighting crime is diagnosing spam link profiles from a makeshift bat cave with a pair of Batman Converse.

Jared's Origin Story
Ashley Kimler Heroic Search
"The Captain of Conversion"

Ashley Kimler

Ashley has been working in the digital marketing industry for over a decade and brings Metahuman-like content marketing and project management skills to the battle for search traffic.

Ashley's Origin Story
Reizel Sales Heroic Search
"The Outreach Rebel"

Reizel Sales

Reizel found her first outreach job in 2013 which gave way to numerous other projects, until she landed a spot on Heroic Search as an outreach coordinator. Since then, working has never been better!

Reizel's Origin Story
Scott-Horne-Heroic Search
"The Arch Administrator"

Scott Horne

Scott was a veteran director of the film exhibitor industry for 21 years where he gained his powers of operation management in a freak accident.

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