"The Arch Administrator"

Meet Scott Horne

About Scott

Born in a lawless world during the age of polyester  (California in the 70s), Scott found a calling in film and theatre thanks to his mentor, his mother. He very much enjoyed watching movies and valiantly took to the stage in school. Acting, while very enjoyable, was not as interesting as the technical work behind the scenes to Scott. Out of necessity, our hero gained employment at a movie rental store, blending something he liked for a paycheck to support his ancient car’s fuel habit.

A few years later, he was recruited by a friend to work at a movie theatre. He had finally hit the big time.

After a year of working and going to college, Scott was called into his manager’s office. Had he done something wrong? He was hardly ever called in like this. Was he in trouble? What new movies were coming out next week? What was for lunch? His mind drifted, waiting for judgement, and then it happened. His manager was promoting him to Assistant Manager and wanted him to relocate to a flagship theatre in College Station, Texas, home of the dreaded Aggies. Scott felt as if he had fallen into a vat of irradiated material and vowed to use his new-found powers for justice and the greater good.

Several years later, Scott was promoted again and took over his own theatre in Dallas. He eventually worked his way from operations to logistics to become a shipping Director, where his department serviced over 95 theatre locations in 3 states. This is where he came to do battle with his arch nemesis, supply chain inefficiency.

Scott has learned to blend his abilities while learning new and exciting things about SEO and content marketing. He is extremely happy to have found a home at Heroic Search, where they do not fear his full unrelenting administrative power, as well as his beard (as seen below).

scott beard
scott and april
aiden playing young
scott halloween

What I Do For Fun

Scott enjoys staying current on Penny Dreadful, Game of Thrones, The Strain and several other darker, grittier shows. If given the opportunity, he would gladly kill all reality TV with fire to ensure it could not come back to life. He also very much enjoys reading Peter Hamilton, China Mieville and George R.R. Martin (to name a few) and  team based gaming that requires coordination (primarily Player vs. Player in MMOs).