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At Heroic Search, we genuinely love our clients. We strive to create a customized campaign, for each company we work with, that has two main qualities:

  1. Profitable for the Business
  2. Pleasant for Everyone Involved

We believe that a successful campaign is a well-formulated combination of trust, skill, and hustle. This mentality has earned us a reputation for excellence in digital marketing and trustworthiness. Now, get ready to meet the team.

Meet The Team

"The Architect"

Jared Carrizales

Jared fancies himself a Batman connoisseur, but the closest he gets to fighting crime is diagnosing spam link profiles from a makeshift bat cave with a pair of Batman Converse.

Jared's Origin Story
Ashley Kimler Heroic Search
"The Captain of Conversion"

Ashley Kimler

Ashley has been working in the digital marketing industry for over a decade and brings Metahuman-like content marketing and project management skills to the battle for search traffic.

Ashley's Origin Story
Reizel Sales Heroic Search
"The Outreach Rebel"

Reizel Sales

Reizel found her first outreach job in 2013 which gave way to numerous other projects, until she landed a spot on Heroic Search as an outreach coordinator. Since then, working has never been better!

Reizel's Origin Story
Michelle Deery Heroic Search Bio
"The Content Grinder"

Michelle Deery

Michelle is a copywriter since 2012 and has been working with Heroic Search for two years. She is an ordinary human that has fantastic copywriting powers that captivate readers and turns them into fanboys.

Michelle's Origin Story
Scott-Horne-Heroic Search
"The Arch Administrator"

Scott Horne

Scott was a veteran director of the film exhibitor industry for 21 years where he gained his powers of operation management in a freak accident.

Scott's Origin Story

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