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As digital marketers, we can tell you that many people confuse content marketing services with the content used in marketing, but the two are actually quite different. While your marketing content is typically used to sell your goods or services, content marketing isn’t. Instead, content marketing should be used to educate, inform and entertain everyone who looks over your material.

The goal of content marketing is to provide real value to the members of your target audience. You can do this by sharing content that’s relevant and meaningful to your target audience, content that solves a problem, satisfies a want, or eliminates a pain point. Content marketing is intended to enhance the lives of your target market’s members in some way rather than convince them to buy something.

The content marketing services you leverage should have what it takes to plan and execute successful campaigns. Our team is experienced and understands the phases of your lead funnel, including what problems your audience faces. So, we use content to help solve them.

How Our Content Marketing Stands Out

Heroic Search offers a full suite of content marketing services to small, mid-size and large businesses in a wide array of industries. We understand what content marketing is and isn’t, and what it is and isn’t supposed to do. It’s this intimate understanding of content marketing that enables us to put together content marketing strategies that are highly effective at keeping people engaged with the brands that partner with us.

In addition to having an understanding of content marketing, we need to know your brand and your target audience inside and out to create a content marketing strategy for your business. We’ll study your brand’s and your target market’s style, tone and personality so we can develop a content marketing strategy that communicates your messages clearly and resonates with your target audience powerfully.

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Components of Successful Content Marketing Strategies

In the years that we’ve offered content marketing services, we’ve learned that successful content marketing strategies typically have certain components. Tiered goals, quantified ROI, purposeful content, editorial calendars, and promotion and link building are common components you’ll find in just about every content marketing strategy we compose for our valued clients.

Tiered Goals

A content marketing strategy begins with identifying the various tiered goals you want to achieve. Your goals must be quantifiable and they should be set for different time periods, such as weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually. Some of the things you’ll want to track in the contexts of these time periods include conversions, shares, sales, and links earned.

Of course, when you partner with us for your content marketing strategy, we’ll track those metrics and any others you want to monitor for you. We’ll let you know how your current content marketing campaign is performing and identify areas where we can make improvements so that it performs even better.

Quantified ROI

While the purpose of content marketing isn’t to directly solicit sales, content marketing campaigns should still lead to boosts in revenue, leads, and conversions over time. You can use these increases to determine the return you’re getting on your investment in content marketing. As we will with your tiered goals, we’ll keep you informed about the ROI you’re getting from your content marketing every step of the way.

Purposeful Content

As we stated earlier, the purpose of content marketing is to provide value to the members of your target audience through material that’s relevant and meaningful to their daily lives. When we’re responsible for your content marketing, you can rest assured that every piece of content we create will be purposeful and valuable to your target market.

In general, the content we create for our clients is either evergreen or topical. Evergreen content is material that will be relevant and accurate for years to come whereas topical content discusses time-sensitive subjects that will become outdated much more quickly. An evergreen article might discuss the history of computing in America while a topical article might talk about the latest electronic device to hit the market.

Evergreen content will continue to build an audience and generate interest over time because it’s basically timeless. Topical content, on the other hand, will often create a spike in traffic when it’s initially published, but page visits will drop off as the topic discussed becomes less current and more irrelevant.

Editorial Calendars

We keep the production of your content on track by creating editorial calendars on monthly and yearly bases. Using editorial calendars keeps everyone up to date with the progress that’s been made on every content project in the pipeline. Having editorial calendars in place also makes it much easier to make changes to your production schedule whenever it’s necessary to do so.

Content Promotion and Link Building

No matter how purposeful, relevant and meaningful your content is, it won’t really matter if it’s not being promoted. We’re experts at promoting content and creating loyal audiences for our clients’ content.

One way we promote the content we create for our clients is by linking several social media accounts to their content management system. By doing this, new material is promoted automatically on the linked social media platforms once it’s published. If your current CMS doesn’t have this capability, we’ll still promote your content on social channels like Facebook and Twitter using our proven social media marketing skills.

Social media isn’t the only channel we’ll use to promote your content. We’ll also use digital PR, paid search ads, display ads and other tools to spread the word about the content we create for your organization.

One of the most important content marketing services we provide is link building. Link building is a two-way street. You want your content to link to other reputable, trustworthy websites and you want those websites to link to your content.

At Heroic Search, we offer custom link building packages and link building services for companies of all sizes, across industries. We work with a network of editors and website owners that enables us to build lasting, ethical links on behalf of our clients. The result of our link building efforts will be a strong link profile on your website that search engines will approve of and reward you for.

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