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The goal of content marketing is to provide real value to the members of your target audience, and then align that value with revenue. You can do this by sharing content that’s relevant and meaningful to your target audience, content that solves a problem, satisfies a want, or eliminates a pain point.

The content marketing packages that we offer have a track record of being highly successful (see results below). This is because our team is experienced in lead funnels, Google updates, persona research, as well as addressing problems your audience faces.

Our Content Marketing Packages

Content marketing package-Pro

Content marketing package-Legend

Content marketing package-Custom

The difference between these packages is primarily how they are designed. The ‘Pro’ plan is the backbone of content creation, including everything needed to be able to rank in the search engines.

The ‘Legend’ plan takes on a more journalistic approach to the content. Everything that’s in the Pro plan is included, but goes into far greater depth on the subject, and has more texture to the piece of content itself. For example, instead of just a blog post about which dog food is the most nutritious, we might also include quotes from veterinarians and a detailed table that lists what type is best for allergies, sensitive stomachs, etc.

Types of Content We Can Create

Blog Posts


Study Results

Service Pages


Quotes and Interviews



Case Study - Law Firm

Package Level Pro
Niche Legal
Pieces of Content Created 9 Blog Posts
Timeframe 8 Months

We were hired to create content on behalf of a law firm based in Colorado in mid-2023. They wanted their content allotment towards blog posts specifically. Our team created a total of 9 posts, none of which had link building efforts dedicated to them. The best part: the traffic growth is still compounding even though the package is complete. The chart below is specifically from organic traffic only from our posts.

HS Case Study bar graph for content marketing packages


Case Study - Gambling

Package Level Custom
Niche Gambling
Pieces of Content Created 28 Blog Posts
Timeframe 4 Months

Due to legislation changes in Florida, betting online has been gaining traction rapidly. We were hired in late 2023 to build an aggressive content plan that brought in new customers to a racetrack website. Our plan was to go after top and middle of the funnel users with helpful content, then push them towards an app sign-up. This package included both ‘Pro’ and ‘Legend’ level elements, so it was structured as a Custom plan. The traffic generation is still going incredibly strong long after we’ve completed their content package.



Clients Who Trust Us

smu-square logo

“You can expect Jared and team to be direct and open in all communications. No agency BS like you sometimes can get, in my experience! Every aspect of the experience was smooth and exceeded expectations.”

Susan McAlister Marketing Manager - SMU
WFS Logo White

Heroic Search is a great name to describe the experience of working with the company. They focused on delivering real valued content, strategic link building – both enhancing the quality of our site. At the same time, they leveraged that content to increase the number of people seeing it and coming to our site. We saw a definite improvement in our site visitors and the contacts we received from it. Heroic indeed!

Lance Spellman WFS
Lance Spellman President - Workflow Studios
Tulsa Regional Chamber of Commerce Logo

“Heroic Search not only brings a level of technical expertise exceeding that of our organization, they’ve been invaluable strategic partners as well. Jared and his team helped us both identify and address digital marketing opportunities, all with a relentless focus on ROI.”

Chris Wylie
Chris Wylie VP of Communications – Tulsa Chamber of Commerce

These packages have specifically been designed for two things: longevity and return on investment. We know that if we create content that delivers on the promise to bring in traffic, you’ll keep us around. That’s our goal.

Our clients are successful on both plans, although we’ve seen that the Legend plan has more social share power, as well as more engagement. This is especially helpful if you are planning to build links to the content we create.

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