White Label Link Building for Agencies

SEO campaigns are a balancing act. They take an understanding of how best to apply a range of tools to support the overall goals of the client. As an agency professional, you know that link building, when executed by specialists, is a hard-hitting avenue to ranking your clients’ websites. The Heroic Search white label link building service provides agencies with a diverse range of clients a practical and affordable way to build links. 

The Problem

You know just how vital a tool link building can be in today’s business environment, but convincing clients to invest their resources in something that can appear quite intangible; that can be a hard sell. Agencies that are committed to forging marketing relationships with local entrepreneurs or specialist tradespeople have also taken on an additional set of challenges. More modest budgets for each of these clients often means that dedicated link building campaigns which achieve results are simply not financially viable. 

This is a challenge, yes. But, we understand these challenges on a deep level, and are dedicated to applying our curiosity and expertise to find solutions. Which is why we’ve created a white label link building service designed to both provide the best possible chance of quality results to these ambitious business owners, while also remaining conscious of budgetary constraints.

The Heroic Solution

Our white label solution blends our highly customizable link building service with your need to provide high-value SEO results to multiple clients. We’ve designed this product to be a simple, straightforward method for your clients to improve their rankings, in a way that reflects their company values.

Of course, this sounds good, but how does this work practically?

Stage One - Order Allocation


In order to service the ambitious SEO needs of multiple clients while remaining cognizant of individual budgets, you’ll make a bulk order of at least 10 links. You will receive a custom spreadsheet to fill out so you can specify the URLs and preferred anchor text.

We will then begin an efficient and effective period of consultation together. Our link building experts will discuss your agency’s priorities surrounding your marketing strategies for each of the clients you wish to include in this project. Together, we’ll formulate a structured, intelligent plan regarding the allocation of your link order — assign 4 links to a client in need of a boost, 3 to a client simply needing to maintain their position in the rankings, another 5 to a client who has ambitions to become the go-to expert in their industry. However you want to distribute your allotment of links, it’s completely up to you.

Stage Two - Prospecting and Outreach


This is the point at which your agency and your clients have the opportunity to really begin to benefit from the relationships we have cultivated over the past several years. Through our content marketing and link building efforts, we have built long-standing relationships with editors, journalists, bloggers, and many more people in positions to help promote your content. Through fresh outreach, as well as the outreach to current relationships that we have, your agency now has in-roads to our valuable roster of contacts.

Our in-house experts will perform a deep dive on each of your allocated clients that you want us to build links for, gaining an understanding of their brand identities and what’s important to them. We will then set about identifying sometimes hundreds of matching potential prospects, narrowing down to those that could represent the highest return on relevance and visibility for each client. This is followed by a period of outreach, solidifying the destinations for content that can affect ranking.

Stage Three - Pitching and Link Placement


Once the prospects have been gathered and we have our initial list(s) ready to go, we begin reaching out and pitching to them. While this is mostly done through email, we have managed campaigns where social media, as well as using the phone was more effective. We have a variety of proven and tested tactics that we use, regardless of the medium. While we have tools to help us get the emails out quickly, we perform all outreach and negotiations in-house.

As responses begin to come back to us, we engage in negotiations to make sure we can get the links placed in exceptionally relevant and quality locations. We run each site through a rigorous checklist that we have developed, making sure any poor websites are weeded out so you get the best links possible.

Stage Four - Reporting and Strategy


Once the initial order is complete, we provide you with a branded spreadsheet for you to present to your clients. These reports provide the tangible results that can help demonstrate to your clients the value of what you have been able to provide them. The list of URLs where your links have been built, paired with a rundown of associated anchor text, DA, DR, order completion time, and basic summary from our link building team that includes any notable highlights.

We then encourage an additional phone meeting or email discussion to use these results to help formulate an intelligent strategy on how to continue to build momentum that will produce lasting results.

This approach is designed to best reflect YOUR agency’s short and long-term strategies for your clients, alongside each business’ own aims and budget limitations. Whether this is for a one-off trial period, or for a flexible and powerful long-term strategy, we are committed to building a successful, positive relationship with you.

Flat Rate Pricing

One of the reasons we chose to design a unique white label product is that we understand the many challenges agencies face when representing small businesses — and one of those will always be working within each client’s budget.

As a result, we’ve constructed a simple, flat rate price for the package which allows you the flexibility to confidently assign resources to your roster of clients, while making it possible for us to provide a high-quality campaign.  

We value simplicity, and we know you do too — there’s little worse than confusing link building price plans that are changeable depending on the metrics achieved. Our model means there is always clarity about what you and your clients will consistently be receiving for the price you pay.

The same commitment of resources, the highest quality link building, transparent reporting, and of course the benefit of our expertise. Whether you are with us for a single campaign, or we build a relationship that lasts for years. The only variable is how you wish to distribute your links among your clients.

Agency Testimonials

We consider ourselves fortunate to have been able to contribute to the success of some incredible clients over the last 9 years. We are also confident in the fact that it was the quality of our expertise that made certain their campaigns were able to hit the heights they achieved. However, our talk of quality, commitment and caring means very little if there’s nothing to back that up. So here’s a few testimonials from some of the incredible agencies we’ve worked with.

Galos Tech Logo

Fantastic group that actually delivers results. Worked together for several months and couldn’t be happier with their detail oriented worth ethic.

Gall Magril Founder - Galos Technologies

“Heroic Search is a pleasure to work with. Jared and his talented team are exceptional at locating, and more importantly, delivering quality backlinks. Their content and organizational skills are also off the charts which is a rarity these days. Whether, you’re in need of content management, SEO or backlink development, you cannot go wrong working with the caped crusaders at Heroic Search!”

Kevin Hess
Kevin Hess Digital Marketing Director - Distasio Law Firm
Sunlight Media

If your looking for expert service & advice with link building or content creation, reach to Heroic Search.

Angelo Frisina Founder - Sunlight Media

Links Earned in Our White Label Campaigns

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What Qualities Make Our White Label Service So Successful?

One aspect that we find sets Heroic Search apart from other link builders is that we are adamant that this industry cannot be defined purely by its metrics. We absolutely understand why numbers help, of course — seeing quantifiable results helps us feel so much better about the investments we are making. These details help us justify actions to ourselves and to our clients. We regularly audit the rankings in order to make certain that our methods remain successful, and to help us understand the direction of current trends.

Decades of Experience Building Links

There is something innately simple and practical about our white label link building service. While it is a straightforward approach that helps agencies meet the needs of client goals, it is also built to fit seamlessly into the SEO strategy that is being executed. It’s another essential tool in your marketing arsenal.

At Heroic Search, we’ve had over 3 decades of collective experience working with a wide range of clients across the globe, and have built a reputation for being able to achieve excellent results by building great links. This places us in a perfect position to market a company with an understanding of the restrictions of smaller businesses, and how — with focused, concerted, and regular efforts — we can work together to make a serious dent in the challenges they face. This is a service built on trust and expertise,  designed to help small businesses gain a competitive edge in a marketplace where visibility is everything.

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