New York City Office

Setting Up Shop in NYC

Over the years, our team has been fortunate enough to help create content marketing and link building campaigns for companies all over the world, and of varying sizes. Because of this, it has been important for us to branch out over the years, and we’re happy to call our latest home New York City.

Being in NYC helps our company have in-person access to clients in the area, as well as excellent networking opportunities with other marketers in our field.

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Even with this change, Heroic Search is still the same link building company that prioritizes quality campaigns over short term “solutions” for all our clients. Whether you operate a SaaS company, ecommerce store, or an agency that needs link building, ROI is still the first and foremost metric that we look at and try to influence.

Many link building firms today prioritize earning more website traffic, but we want to help increase your revenue. If we aren’t earning you more business through the links we build, we aren’t doing our job well enough.

Some of Our Happy Partners


“Heroic Search are an integral piece of our SEO efforts, we can always count on them to develop and execute plans to earn valuable links.

Yaniv Goldenberg - Elementor
Yaniv Goldenberg Head of Acquisition - Elementor
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“We partnered with Heroic Search for a quick engagement to help us focus and prioritize our SEO efforts. They took the time to understand our pain points and in-house team expertise to tailor the project. The result was a solid action plan, which we’re implementing. Definitely worth the investment.

Kate Hahn
Kate Hahn Director of Marketing - St. Edward's University
smu-square logo

“You can expect Jared and team to be direct and open in all communications. No agency BS like you sometimes can get, in my experience! Every aspect of the experience was smooth and exceeded expectations.”

Susan McAlister Marketing Manager - SMU



Being local to NYC allows us to partner with even more amazing companies running great campaigns in the area. At the end of the day, we enjoy coming up with creative link building campaigns that propel our clients forward, wherever they are.

Learn more about our link building services to find out if they’re right for your campaign.

Link Building Services

Our link building campaigns focus on helping you earn more leads, increasing revenue, and of course, improving search engine rankings so that you can draw in more traffic. Gaining traffic with our link acquisition services includes optimization through organic traffic.

Our link building processes are all-encompassing. Meaning, while our goal is to make your website healthy from a technical standpoint, we do so with an eye to increasing revenue specifically through strategic link placement. Below are some of the most common tasks that we work on and improve for our clients:

  • Link audits
  • Targeted email / phone outreach
  • Page by page SEO analysis
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Internal link optimization
  • Keyword research

  • Prospecting potential link targets
  • Information architecture analysis
  • Fix any server/redirect errors
  • Fix internal/external broken links
  • Define primary keyword for each page
  • Analyze potential anchor text issues

Content Marketing Services

You already more than likely know who your target market is, but if you’re having a hard time with strategy and turning those leads into paying customers, we can help. Content marketing overlaps significantly with digital PR, and by combining the two efficiently through email outreach, social amplification, and sometimes even paid content advertising, we can systematically get your content in front of the right audience at the right time.

Similar to our SEO experience, our content marketing expertise and offerings expand the digital spectrum. Content marketing is at the core of what we do for our clients. Our overall process consists of creating content (if needed), and promoting that content to prospective audiences with the intention of accomplishing monetary goals. In our opinion, content marketing shouldn’t be treated as a line item on your monthly marketing bill. Instead, we view it as a revenue-driving marketing channel that can help create awareness and build entire brands when executed correctly.

  • Content marketing audit
  • Content calendar creation
  • Content strategy analysis
  • Custom graphic creation (in-house)
  • Content asset creation
  • Scheduled blog post publication
  • Competitor content analysis
  • Documented content mapping (persona journey)

  • Take content inventory
  • Content strategy analysis
  • Detailed content tracking
  • Strategic content advertising (to reach prospective targets)
  • Prospect potential link targets
  • Detailed content tracking
  • Custom buyer persona creation

Digital Public Relations

Combining several of our skill sets – SEO, Content Marketing, and regular “old fashioned” PR — we work to find leads and opportunities that might be getting lost in the noise of emails, posts, and tweets. These digital PR opportunities could be anything from interview spots on local media, to speaking events in other parts of the world.

In keeping with the SEO and content marketing trend, we also structure our digital public relations campaigns as a revenue-driving service. This means we employ tagging capabilities on press releases, outreach emails, etc, to help measure the effectiveness of a campaign. This way you can know your ROI of a PR program when it’s all said and done. Below are some of the common digital public relations services we’re asked to help with:

  • Build media lists for prospective content promoters
  • Setup systems to generate press leads
  • Press release creation and promotion
  • Social outreach and promotion

  • In-house outreach campaigns
  • Test email variations for best possible response
  • Media / link building report
  • Media list creation

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