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Link Building Services That Grow Your Business

For us, link building has always been what we’ve been best at, and it’s why most word of mouth referrals come to us. However, that doesn’t mean we take a one size fits all approach. We offer several different link building-centric services for a variety of different needs.

Our Link Building Philosophy

Like most aspects of SEO, link building can be done in an unethical way if left to the wrong people. We believe that every link acquisition campaign we roll out should meet the client’s goals, as well as make the internet a better place. No garbage content, poor links, or shady tactics. Our clients often come from the some of the biggest companies in the world, and put their trust in us to do a great job. Because of this, we’re always refining our link building processes to get better at our craft in an ethical way.

Who Are Our Link Building Services For?





Chief marketing officers, SEO managers, and marketing directors are all roles that regularly engage our services. These individuals come to us for a variety of reasons: big campaign launches on new products, content asset promotion, or just simply getting more aggressive with growing their backlink profile.


We partner with a variety of agencies that perform ongoing SEO and content marketing services for their clients. Since our link building services are our specialty, we have a well ironed-out process for earning placements in a streamlined fashion. Most agencies that come to us are able to perform link building, just not usually as efficiently or cost effective in-house.


The owners that come to us primarily lead ecommerce stores, multi-location businesses, and consultancies. These individuals usually have a web design/development team that have gotten them started with SEO, but need a specialized group to earn links to rise above more aggressive competitors in the search results.

What Our Partners Say

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“We partnered with Heroic Search for a quick engagement to help us focus and prioritize our SEO efforts. They took the time to understand our pain points and in-house team expertise to tailor the project. The result was a solid action plan, which we’re implementing. Definitely worth the investment.

Kate Hahn
Kate Hahn Director of Marketing - St. Edward's University

“Jared and his team at Heroic Search are a solid partner in the very hard to navigate world of SEO. I would highly recommend them for link building, content creation and increasing your overall site rankings.”

david hyman mightyskins
David Hyman Owner – MightySkins
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“You can expect Jared and team to be direct and open in all communications. No agency BS like you sometimes can get, in my experience! Every aspect of the experience was smooth and exceeded expectations.”

Susan McAlister Marketing Manager - SMU

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