"The Outreach Rebel"

Meet Reizel Sales

About Reizel

Reizel’s discovery of her online powers came by accident, and she’s happy she can reach out to a lot of people to share some smileys!

When the company that Reizel was working for relocated, she knew it was time to get a new job, because teleportation was not one of her super powers. She sought a new way to finance her studies and luckily, our hero discovered the freelancing world.

She started her online career in 2010, but she did not know back then that the tasks she was doing were SEO related. One project led to another, and she found herself working for different SEO firms and slowly learning how it all worked and came together.

Her new job made it easy for her to finish her bachelor’s degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management, but she realized that pursuing a 9 to 5 job after graduation was not her calling, so she opted to stick to freelancing.

Reizel found her first outreach job in 2013 which gave way to numerous other projects, until she landed a spot on Heroic Search as an outreach coordinator. Since then, working has never been better!

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Reizel Sales Heroic Search
Reizel Sales Heroic Search

What I Do For Fun

When Reizel is not in her office chair, you will usually find her at a mall. She loves to shop and window shop. She’s a certified mall rat who’s ready to try the newest restaurant or see the newest stuff in her favorite stores.

Any vacation time means an out-of-town trip for her and her family. She enjoys nature trips, chilling on the beach or even just a dip in a swimming pool.