"The Guardian of the System"

Meet Geoff Walters

About Geoff

Before joining Heroic Search, Geoff founded or co-founded five other businesses. Most recently, he spent 4 1/2 years as CEO of a small content marketing consultancy based in Germany. This consultancy specialised in content creation and on-page SEO, so it has been very rewarding for Geoff to learn about the off-page side of SEO at Heroic Search.

Geoff’s experience as an entrepreneur left him with a disdain for bureaucracy and a preference for agile, win-win systems that bring joy to employees and customers alike. He likes to manage projects in a hands-off way, spending most of his time listening to feedback from internal and external stakeholders before reflecting on any iterative changes that need to be made. His management philosophy is inspired by “The Emyth,” which he enthusiastically recommends to any business looking to scale.

Geoff has had ghostwritten content featured on Inc. and Forbes, and has worked with industry leaders such as Datanyze and CloserIQ.

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What I Do For Fun

Away from work, Geoff enjoys chess and various other strategy games. A former horn player for 19 years, he also finds joy in music theory, composition and arranging music.

Not content to play with systems only in a work environment, Geoff is passionate about optimising his diet and exercise schedules, particularly in the context of morning and evening rituals.