Link Building to High Value Products

Client MightySkins
Start Date October 2014
Services Content Marketing, Link Acquisition
Industry Consumer Goods

MightySkins came to us from another agency after having a very unfulfiling campaign. Their agency failed to perform a revenue-generating campaign, and MightySkins was throwing good money after bad. When we were brought onboard, the Heroic Search team decided to employ a rigorous content marketing campaign that consisted of content creation and promotion targeted directly at end users. Executing a link acquisition push to main category and subcategory pages were the biggest piece, as the overall onpage SEO was already in good shape.

Over the course of four years, we built hundreds of links to over 25 different category / subcategory pages. The overall traffic increase from these links was 180,000 net visitors. The revenue increase has been in the multimillions.

To increase sales from social media, we began using Facebook advertising, which includes creating the audience personas, artwork, and the ads themselves. Before the campaign, MightySkins had 0 sales coming in from social media. We began by testing ads for skins for some of the most popular items to get skins for, according to their current sales, then selecting specific designs that we felt would work for our target audience.

After adjustments learned from our tests, we were able to gain an optimum cost per conversion of just a few dollars (or even cents!) per purchase. We have been able to earn a 1,448% increase in conversions/purchases stemming directly from Facebook, as well as an overall follower increase of 1,934%. At the peak performance of this campaign, we were able to achieve an 18:1 return of investment on Facebook ad campaigns.

Tactics for increasing ROI have varied over the years of working with MightySkins, but have been a mix of SEO and advertising.

The pages that we have targeted over the past several years have resulted in multiple #1 results, and even more top 5 results in search engines. This includes not only older products that already had some link juice, but primarily newer products that were freshly created.

Tactics Used

Guest Posting
Image Link Building
Broken Link Building
EDU Link Building
Content Asset Creation

Placements Made


David Hyman - Owner of MightySkins

“Jared and his team at Heroic Search are a solid partner in the very hard to navigate world of SEO. I would highly recommend them for link building, content creation and increasing your overall site rankings.”

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