Tulsa Night

Putting down roots in Tulsa!

While our company started in Dallas, Texas, over the years we’ve built relationships and clientele in the Tulsa area. For this reason, in 2016 we opened an office in Tulsa, Oklahoma at The Bridge (we’re also big fans of coworking offices!). Since then, we’ve grown to love the personality of the city. From Cain’s Ballroom to The Center of the Universe and the Golden Driller, we find that the uniqueness of this city greatly matches our own company culture; fun and creative; hard working and innovative.

Don’t worry though, we’re still the same personality that you’ve come to know and love. ROI is still the most important metric that we track and report on. Whether it’s social media, public relations, content marketing, or SEO services,  it’s important to us to show you that we can help build you business. Most SEO agencies just want to earn you website traffic, but we want to help grow revenue. We believe that if we aren’t earning you more business, we aren’t doing our job.

Tulsa Projects

Over the past year or so since opening our new location, we’ve had the opportunity to work on some exciting projects. Recently, we had the privilege to work with an awesome new business in Tulsa, FlyingTee. See what they had to say after we finished their project:

“Jared and the team at Heroic hit the ground running. They synthesized quite a bit of data in a very short time and gave us actionable recommendations to drive revenue.”
– James Vollbrecht, Chief Strategy Officer – FlyingTee

FlyingTee Tulsa

Search Marketing (SEO) Services

Our search marketing campaigns are focus on helping you earn more leads, increasing conversion rate, and of course, increasing search engine rankings so that you can draw in more traffic. Earning traffic with our search marketing campaigns includes optimization through organic traffic, as well as paid search (PPC) if warranted.

Content Marketing Services

You already more than likely know who your target market is, but if you’re having a hard time with strategy and turning those leads into paying customers, we can help. Content marketing overlaps significantly with digital PR, and by combining the two efficiently through email outreach, social amplification, and sometimes even paid content advertising, we can systematically get your content in front of the right audience at the right time.

Digital Public Relations

Combining several of our skill sets – Social Media, SEO, Content Marketing, and regular “old fashioned” PR — we work to find leads and opportunities that might be getting lost in the noise of emails, posts, and tweets. These digital PR opportunities could be anything from interview spots on local media, to speaking events in other parts of the world.

Social Media Services

Our focus is earning additional revenue, leads, and customers, not just “making updates”. After all, if you can’t see the return on investment, why are you doing it? For this reason, all our social media services are focused on actionable engagement and building your audience with longevity in mind.

Interested in learning more about what we do? Come visit us at our new Tulsa office at 5272 S. Lewis Ave Suite 250 Tulsa, OK 74105, or give us a call at (918) 340-6767.

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