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awrOne of the biggest challenges we face with our clients is the ability to get accurate information in a timely, and efficient manner. If you’re anything like us your browsers aren’t open without at lease two different tools running in the background to check this or that. It’s a constant battle of tabs to pull a full report together for a client, much less make it presentable and easy to understand. With some research and a few trials, we’ve found a tool that has the solution to our problems rolled into one very pretty package, Advanced Web Ranking.

This software brings together every aspect of a campaign’s stats that we need to get an accurate view of progress and trouble points.

I took advantage of their 30 day trial and was very pleasantly surprised at the easy to use interface and the ability to hit the ground running once it installed.

Set Up

The initial set up for each client is can be completed in just a few steps: create a project, add keywords, incorporate Google Analytics (if applicable), and run the report. The software is designed to be easy to adjust so you can get the most relevant information for each campaign.

For example, some of our clients focus on specific locations rather than targeting universal search results; AWR allows you to adjust which search engine results are included in each report, so we added the Google Places Results for the four locations of this client. This feature was also very handy when trying to find their most relevant competitors.

Add Search Engine


The best feature, aside from the usability of Advanced Web Ranking, is the reporting. With AWR you can generate several different reports based on the KPI’s of each campaign and distribute through several different export options.

We used the Complete SEO Report for our clients to see every aspect of there campaign in one single report, featuring: rankings, analytics, links, and social metrics.

Complete SEO Report

For this client’s report in particular  we chose not to include the social features of the campaign, and focus more on Rankings, Traffic, and Links. Each tab at the top of the report leads you to another page with more detailed information about that metric. Once on a specific metric, you can click through any of the features to drill down further into the report.

Goal Conversions

Here we wanted to see a break down of the Goal Conversions over the time period of the report, so I navigated to the Analytics tab and clicked on the Goal Conversions chart. This report alone can cut the time spent and resources consulted for reporting each month in half.

AWR Cloud

Along with the robust reporting, they’ve included a great  feature that allows any HTML report to be Whitelabeled and automatically sent to a secure server for you and your clients view reports, called AWR Cloud.

AWR Cloud Screen Capture

The cloud has a few different packages that differ in monthly rate and amount of reports you can upload but all packages have unlimited users. As far as cost goes, it depends on how many reports you want to store on the cloud, but if you’re a freelancer or only need a few reports a month (up to 10), it’s FREE!!

After using AWR for the last month, we’ve found that it is one of the most robust, easy to use reporting tools out there, and would recommend it to anyone.

Jared Carrizales
Jared Carrizales

Jared leads the Heroic Search link building campaigns, and oversees account management for the company. In his downtime, he enjoys playing tennis and a good cup of coffee.

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