Quora Marketing Tips to Help Boost Your Online Presence

Quora Marketing Tips to Help Boost Your Online Presence via @heoricsearch

I know most of you probably know what Quora is, but for those that don’t, here’s the lowdown: Quora is a user-generated content platform that allows the public to ask and answer questions. In doing so, anyone with high-quality, engaging answers naturally builds authority and trust in their niche. This is a diamond in the rough — one of the hidden online marketing hacks that can save you a ton of time, energy, and financial investment… as long as you execute your strategy properly. Hopefully, I can help uncover some Quora marketing methods that will help leverage the UGC mammoth so  your small business can see tangible results.

Don’t Be Too Cool To Follow Other People

Some people tend to be self-conscious or hesitant to follow other people on their respective social networks because they fear that the number of people they follow will outweigh the number following them. Well, I’m here to tell you that that is a bunch of B.S. Follow as many people as you deem relevant. In the long run, they will not only help you network better, but they will also help you (no matter what business you’re in) learn more about your business… and while you’re at it, connect with me!

“SEO” Your Profile

There are some really great references out there on how to SEO your Quora profile, so I won’t go into great detail on that subject. However, what I will tell you is that if you’re looking to market yourself, creating (and engaging) a properly optimized Quora profile is typically a huge winner in the SERPs. Not a typically strong “SEOed” site itself, Quora.com still has great potential to dominate name-specific SERPs.

Merge Your Networks

When you answer other peoples questions, you’ll want to make sure other people see your answers. Quora enables this to be done easily through Twitter, Facebook, and even your own blog. Techniques like this not only allow your posts to be exposed to many like-minded networks, but it also allows for easier indexing for search engines.

Deliver Outstanding Answers

What’s the main reason you’re on Quora? Your answer is probably something along of the lines of “get more exposure to my business” or “become a thought leader in my niche” right? If that’s the case then you need to make sure you give great answers to questions that are being asked in topics you follow.

Ask Engaging Questions

Quora isn’t just about showing off your knowledge by answering questions but also asking them. This is actually a very underused way to connect with thought leaders out there. Think about it. Many people are answering questions with answers that others could probably answer. But how many people take the time to ask a really great question with the intent of luring people in to answer? By leveraging your power to ask, you can connect with some influential and knowledgeable people on Quora.


If leveraged correctly, this can possibly be the best use of Quora altogether. Quora enables users to come together to share information, resources, and answers to problems. This provides a unique forum for users to pool people for information about their industry in an information-gathering format. Since these answers come from real people, you’re likely to get some great opinions on your question. Not to mention getting niche related exposure to your own profile.

Market and Share Your Answers

Not only can you connect Twitter, FB, and your own properties, but you can also “promote” your content on Quora. After every great answer, make sure and tell you FB and Twitter followers. They are most likely to spread your content since they are likely people who are interested in the same things; you just have to make it accessible to them. No matter how your content reaches others, positive exposure and the addition of fresh content will only help your overall profile.

Create Boards

Creating boards not only make it easy to keep up with posts that you find useful but also lets other users that follow you see that same information in their stream. All of this promotes your authority and how often people come back to your profile.

Settle in and Network

Just like #1 recommends, you want to make sure that you’re settling in and networking yourself and/or your brand. After all, what good is a Quora profile is you aren’t leveraging relationships that you find on the content-driven social network?

Learn, Silly!

It can be easy to get caught up in the marketing hype of Quora without actually getting anything done. Don’t forget that you’re not the only person on this network. There is an entire community about your subject matter that you can learn from, don’t waste it. Follow other thought leaders, vote up answers, and engage with other like-minded individuals. After all, that’s what you’re there for right?

Jared Carrizales
Jared Carrizales

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