Heroic Search Roundup: 9 Twitter Chats on Marketing

A roundup of 9 great Twitter chats on marketing to join each week.Looking for a new group of marketing gurus, leaders, and enthusiasts to join up with and talk shop? Consider turning to social media and joining a weekly Twitter chat. These hour-long sessions provide valuable ways to dive deeper into the industry and access to a huge number of people eager to share their ideas.

We’ve rounded up 9 of the best Twitter chats on marketing that you can participate in throughout the week to pick up tips and make new connections. Mark your calendars and hop in the conversation!

1. BlogChat’s Twitter Chat

Love using a blog for marketing? Don’t miss BlogChat’s weekly Twitter chats on all things blogging to pick up new ideas, information, and resources. Each week features a different topic and encourages a free-flowing discussion of ideas, questions, and shared knowledge.

  • If you want to improve your blog, join the chat every Sunday evening at 9pm EST.
  • Use the hashtag #blogchat.

2. Smarter Shift’s Content Chat

Smarter Shift hosts a weekly Twitter chat on content marketing. Topics cover all things content and social media, and discussion includes valuable insights and ideas from the best in the business. Co-hosts and guests have included leaders from Microsoft, Buffer, Canva, Onboardly, Content Marketing Institute.

  • Follow the conversation every Monday at 3pm EST.
  • Use the hashtag #ContentChat.

3. Content Marketing Institute’s CMWorld Chat

The CMWorld weekly Twitter chat is an excellent place to catch up with the latest trends in marketing while chatting with some of the industry’s leading experts. Each week, a special guest participates in the chat and discusses topics like content strategy, social media marketing, sales enablement, content curation, podcasting, native advertising, content effectiveness, and editorial planning. The chat also dives into niche topics, like content marketing for finance, non-profits, and B2B.

  • Join in each Tuesday at 12pm EST.
  • Use the hashtag #CMWorld.

4. Marketing Nutz’ Get Real Chat

This special community created by Marketing Nutz features a chat hosted by social media power influencer Pam Moore. A bit of a grab bag chat, topics range from social media and technology to entrepreneurship and marketing. It’s a refreshing Twitter chat that doesn’t shy away from a broad discussion and hard questions. Past chats included topics like “Don’t Be a Twit on Twitter,” “How to Handle Business Trolls,” and “How to Maximize Existing Content & Create New Content that Rocks.”

  • Participate every Tuesday at 9pm.
  • Use the hashtag #getrealchat.

5. Maria Duron’s BRANDchat

Small business marketing coach Maria Duron hosts BRANDchat to help Brandidos — or chat participants — with all things relating to developing a great business brand. Chats go over a handful of questions and answers with plenty of room for discussion in between. Questions are often designed to be open-ended so participants can chime in with their own answers, making chats a great place to pick up a variety of ideas and insights.

  • Add your own thoughts on Wednesdays at 11am EST.
  • Use the hashtag #brandchat.

6. Social Media Chats’s SMChat

Looking to do more with your marketing in social media? SMChat is a great place to learn more about effectively utilizing social media. There are four different themes that rotate throughout the month, so that each week focuses on a different aspect of the industry: mobility, customer service, marketing, and social change.

  • Join the conversation every Wednesday at 1pm EST.
  • Use the hashtag #SMChat.

7. Kelly Lieberman’s PinChat

Don’t discount Pinterest as a great platform for marketing your content. When it comes to referral traffic, a recent study showed Pinterest drove more people to sites than Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube combined. Pick up ideas and tips on how to best use Pinterest to grab some of those referrals for yourself with weekly PinChats. Participants discuss best practices, helpful tools, and how to use the platform for both personal and professional purposes.

  • Participate each Wednesday at 9pm.
  • Use the hashtag #PinChat.

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8. Exact Target’s ET Cafe

Join in Exact Target’s weekly ET Cafe to discuss all things relating to digital marketing. The team hosts discussions that cover trending topics and the latest trends. Past chats included talks on various social media platforms and how to utilize them in marketing efforts, how to be a more persuasive communicator, and personalizing your content.

  • Chats take place on Thursdays at 11am EST.
  • Use the hashtag #ETCafe.

9. Search Marketing Weekly’s SEO Chat

Search Marketing Weekly hosts a weekly SEO Chat. Each chat provides a hosted question-and-answer session, giving participants a great space for discussion and learning. Sessions are centered around information, advice, and resources that search engine optimizers need to succeed, and topics covered include social media, helpful tools, best practices, analytics, and more.

  • Join the conversation every Thursday at 1pm EST.
  • Use the hashtag #SEOChat.



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