Rock Your Back to School Sales and Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Timing is everything when it comes to back-to-school campaigns. The first signs of the season begin to appear in early July, not long after those 4th of July fireworks fizzle out. Because the U.S. is one of a few countries that doesn’t have a designated start date for public schools. As you can see in The Shelf’s infographic, first days vary widely across the country, meaning the season can be months long.

But not all school supplies are created equal in this season. Depending on what vertical your brand falls into, buying habits vary from month to month. For example retailers sell more school supplies (i.e. notebooks, calculators, etc) in the month of July. Come August though, food and snacks take the stop spot.

A lot of brands don’t realize how big of an opportunity back-to-school shopping really is. The $828 billion retail shopping season is the second largest retail holiday in the US, second only to the gift giving frenzy of the “winter holidays”. There are so many more facts to delve into! Check out our infographic below for even more insights into the back-to-school season.

Courtesy of: The Shelf


Emmerey Rose
Emmerey Rose

Awesome infographic Sabrina! I was wondering which social media platform do you think is best to use in promoting sale and other content/announcement?

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