5 Reasons to Use Facebook Dynamic Ads to Maximize your ROI

5 Reasons to Use Facebook Dynamic Ads to Maximize your ROI via @heroicsearch

Boasting almost 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook introduced advertising early on as a source of income. The social network’s immense advertising power reflects the vast quantity of data that it collects daily about its members. Advertisers are therefore given the opportunity to use this data to target their ads to specific audiences, gaining the maximum return on investment possible.

What is Facebook Dynamic Ads?

Facebook Dynamic Ads is an advertising format launched in 2015 that allows retailers to promote their product catalog within the social network in a slideshow format, coined Carousel by Facebook. Responding to the evolving cross-device consumer behavior, the ads are available on all devices, the service is easy to manage and updates instantaneously.

With retargeting and acquisition campaigns, retailers can customize their campaigns to display relevant ads to relevant users, ensuring precise targeting. The format has proved to be a success with over 2.5 billion products available on the network, and retailers are increasingly being attracted to the Dynamic Ads format every week. It is also available on Instagram which means you can reach your demographics through various channels. If this alone hasn’t convinced you to use Facebook Dynamic Ads, we’ve put together 5 ways that it can increase your ROI.

1. Increase your ROI, no matter your business size

From SME’s to retail giants, Facebook doesn’t leave anyone out of the party! The advertising format allows retailers of any size to promote their product catalogues to the social network’s community, giving all businesses the opportunity to maximize their ROI via more leads and sales. Let’s take the Californian handmade watch brand Treehut as an example. By using data taken from the Facebook pixel and combining this with advanced targeting, the company was able to quadruple their sales and increase their revenue by 4X. So, whether you’re just starting up, or you have a well-established business, Facebook has you covered.

2. Drive Sales to your Physical Stores with Facebook Dynamic Ads for Retail

If you’re a retailer with a physical presence and looking to drive more traffic to your physical stores, Facebook Dynamic Ads for Retail could be your answer! According to Facebook, 49% of in-store purchases are influenced by digital interactions. In order to cater to this trend, Facebook developed the Dynamic Ads feature by launching Dynamic Ads for Retail. This format combines Dynamic Ads with Local Awareness by using geolocations to help retailers increase traffic to their physical stores. When a customer is close to a store, they are presented with a range of products in a carousel format.

With one simple click, visitors are directed to nearby stores that have the product in stock and given the option to make an in-store purchase, online purchase or save it for later. The store locator, available for carousel ads, gives customers store opening hours and contact information, while the call-to-action button options give customers the opportunity to interact with businesses without having to leave the Facebook App.

You can optimize your ads for more store visits by indicating your objective when setting the budget. Facebook gives you the option to create different product sets with their own unique bid or equally, you can opt for automatic bids which are taken care of by the social network. Facebook will manage your bids and maximize the results you can achieve with your budget. For more store visits, the ads are then targeted to customers who are most likely to visit a store. Reporting is available for Store Visit objectives, giving you the opportunity to analyze your reach, impressions, and clicks and evaluate which ads and stores work best to maximize your ROI.

Facebook Dynamic Ads for Retail


Don’t forget, engaging imagery is a key ingredient in the recipe for effective Facebook Dynamic Ads. Design Facebook images optimized for conversion by implementing best practices and A/B testing your campaign results.

3. In the Tourism industry? Boost your ROI through Dynamic Ads for Travel

Not only did Facebook create Dynamic Ads with online retailers in mind, the social network went on to launch Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel in order to optimize the advertising format for the online tourism sector. The Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel format gives travel advertisers the opportunity to promote their offers and deals to holidaymakers who are currently in search of their next getaway and have previously expressed an interest in your site or app.

The carousel format has a multi-product ad feature that allows businesses to create a carousel of assorted products that highlight several aspects of a promotion, such as suggesting a variety of rooms in different hotels based on the customer’s holiday destination.

These dynamically generated adverts require a one-off setup to promote your entire inventory, with no need to separately create each ad. The ad campaigns are designed to reach people at the right time, based on their previous activity on your app or website. This means your ads will be sent to people who want to see them, improving your return on advertising spend. To use Dynamic Ads for Travel, you need to implement Facebook pixel on your site, and Facebook SDK and App Events in your mobile app. You then need to upload your travel catalog and create an ad template, then you’re ready to go!

Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel

4. Adapt your Ads According to your Audience for Results

You can use your Facebook audience insights, available from the Tools drop-down in your ads manager, to help you better understand your demographic. Having a clear idea of who your audience is means that you can increase your return on ad spend by specifically targeting the right people with relevant ads. Facebook gives retailers the option to define their audience, using Custom Audiences, Lookalike Audiences or Saved Audiences.

Custom Audience gives you the opportunity to reach customers who have already visited your website with tailored content. You can create a custom audience using client lists (phone numbers, email addresses), visitors to your website, or a Facebook App. To create a custom audience with traffic to your online store, note that you need to embed the Facebook Audience pixel onto your site or application.

Facebook Custom Audience Options

Lookalike Audiences are created by using the same criteria as custom audiences to find new users on Facebook who have most likely never visited your site. By building a new audience of potential clients, the social network does all the hard work for you!

Facebook Lookalike Audience Options

Saved Audiences give you the ability to download your preferred targeting options using Facebook members so you can easily reuse them in the future for subsequent ads. To build this audience, you can select a range of criteria such as location, language, behavior, gender etc.

Facebook Saved Audience

5. Define Your Business Targets and Keep Up with the Omnichannel Hype

Nowadays, having an omnichannel presence is essential for retailers. Facebook gives you the opportunity to distribute ads on desktops, mobile devices, and Instagram all at once. If you have a physical store but no eCommerce site, the Dynamic Ads for Retail format provides you with an online presence before launching your site while also bringing an innovative approach to push marketing where the ads are directly integrated into the customer’s Facebook news feed.

Facebook also recently launched “Collection,”  an immersive advertising format exclusive to mobile. By advertising your products through Facebook’s omnichannel advertising formats, your brand is displayed to users as they browse the social network on smartphones, desktops, and tablets. Having a consistent presence in these different mediums ensures strong visibility which converts to online purchases.



With all this in mind, if you’re an online retailer looking for ways to maximize sales and increase your visibility, it’s worth giving Facebook Dynamic Ads a shot. By advertising on the social network, you gain access to a goldmine of potential customers that can increase website sales and take your eCommerce journey to the next level.


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Emmerey Rose

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