3 Reasons Why SEO is NOT Dead in 2020

Not just in 2020, I have heard the rumors “SEO is Dead” since the beginning of my SEO career. Many have claimed that SEO is not working anymore, which scares the professional and business owners who are investing their time and money for it. I am sure the reason they are spreading the rumor is because they are terrified of the constant algorithm change or maybe, they are too lazy. The non-stop algorithm changes and rise of the competitions, they think that everything they did is useless. 

SEO is not dead, and it will never die until the end of the search engines. It remains one of the most powerful digital strategies to drive free traffic, leads and sales. In fact, SEO will grow and allow many businesses to flourish.

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There are many reasons SEO is thriving in 2020. In this article, I discuss some of the reasons why you should not worry about the rumor and invest in SEO.

Let’s begin.

1. Your competitors are already doing SEO

Your customers are searching for your products or services on search engines. If your website is not on top of search results, they buy from your competitors because they are already doing SEO. Every customer has a different approach to finding a business. Some people prefer social media, emails, word of mouth and search engines. If you want to grow your business, you should promote it every channel. Otherwise, you will lose many potential buyers. According to research from BrightEdge, 61 per cent of all traffic comes from search engines where only 5 per cent comes from social.

If you want to beat your competitor, you have to rank your site on the first page. The space of the first-page listing is minimal. If you are not doing it, you should start it now. You can do it yourself or get help from an experienced SEO services provider.

2. Paid search gets less click than organic search

People tend to avoid advertisement, whether its on traditional media like TV or search engines. For example, if you are in auto AC repair business, here you can see how much traffic you can get from SEO investment comparing to Paid:

screenshot seo is not dead


Even though it’s easy to be on the top simply buying the top spot of the search results, you won’t get all the customers to your website. The are many studies available which proved that people tend to ignore paid ads. Ask yourself, when was the last time when you clicked a search ad. Doing well for organic searches also increase the trust of your customers. SEO improves brand credibility and reputation a lot.

3. SEO gives you sustainable result

Even if your business is doing good just well because you are investing in search ads, you should not entirely rely on that. Pay per click and other digital marketing tactics may send a lot of traffic to your business website. Still, as soon as you stop investing money and time, it will stop immediately. On the other hand, SEO will take time to return your investment, but it, in the long run, you will be amazed to see the return on investment.

There a ton of reasons why SEO will never die. Search engines are where your potential customers are already looking. If you’re not doing SEO, they will go to your competitor site and buy from them instead of you.


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