Monkey Bar Storage

Building Links to Multi-Location Business

Client Monkey Bar Storage
Start Date March 2018
Services Link Acquisition
Industry Home

Monkey Bar Storage is a national brand that focuses on bringing efficient storage systems to homes around the country.

They came to us with the job of helping build up various franchise locations around the country. Most of these locations had trouble planting a firm foothold for some of their keywords against their competition. To start to combat this issue, we started straightaway on leveraging our contacts that we have in this space. This led to a big bump to the initial locations that we started work on, and continued on the other locations as the campaign rolled out.

We were lucky to have good support with the team at Monkey Bar Storage. Having a link building team themselves, they understood the dependencies and requests we had, and participated in brainstorming tactics and approaches for various locations.

When it was all said and done, 80% of the pages we were building links to had achieved #1 rankings. Needless to say, it was a very successful campaign that was successful because of the high relevance of links, as well as quickness in which our contacts in the industry helped publish them.

Tactics Used

Relationship Building
Guest Posting
Image Link Building

Placements Made


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