Power Words to use in Link Building Content for eCommerce [Infographic]

Powerful Words for Link Building

“Power words” are smart words that copywriters and content creators use to trigger an emotional response from consumers. These words give your written content the highest conversion rates. For example, the word “good” is frankly boring and overused (Plus, it’s biased — what’s good to you may be bad to someone else). Instead, words like “delicious” or “practical” help you tell a more meaningful, more accurate story. Learning to leverage power words is a must for link building content and other facets of eCommerce optimization.

When creating content for link building, you need to continually hone your tactics to squeeze the most juice from them. In many cases, the words used in your content have a tremendous impact on your conversion rate; this ultimately improves your search ranking. So, here’s a helpful infographic from Moosend. Use it to help you leverage powerful words for the most significant impact in your digital marketing.

With the use of power words, your brand content becomes irresistible, and people can’t help but do what you ask of them — whether it be to make a purchase or check out your new blog post. You won’t go from zero to 100% conversions overnight, but you will notice a profitable shift as you integrate powerful, persuasive language into your work.

Which eCommerce Touchpoints does this Infographic Cover?

This infographic breaks down the best words to use in your content for each eCommerce touchpoint:

  • Sales
  • Cart abandonment
  • Anniversary
  • Birthday
  • Loyalty sequence
  • Welcome email
  • Thank you email
  • Repeat purchases
  • Product recommendations
  • Survey buyers
  • Upsell
  • Back in stock

Based on Moosend’s research, find out which words are most useful for conversions at each of the above eCommerce touchpoints.

Power Words for eCommerce Link Building via @heroicsearch

While the powerful words above seem to focus on email sequencing content creation, they are also useful in your on-page and off-site articles, social media posts, and even your author bio CTAs. So, when creating link-building content, use this infographic as a guide to choose language that is optimized for the highest conversions.


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