This is How Color Choices Affect Your Link-Building Efforts, and More! — [Infographic]

Traditionally, color has been ignored at worst and treated as a last minute consideration at best when it comes to online marketing and SEO. As of late, designers are increasingly tuning in to the power of color in branding, storytelling and even engagement boosting and link building. Apart from psychological associations, colors can also be useful on a more technical level drawing attention to elements such as CTA buttons and consequently increasing revenue.  

This boom in strategic color use has much to do with the rise in prominence of color psychology. Color psychology aims to explain how people interpret and engage with different colors. For example, using red can help create a sense of urgency, while blue is commonly associated with tranquillity and black with elegance. A recent infographic by Design Advisor compiles interesting facts and case studies to help illustrate what a powerful tool color psychology can be in marketing and web design.

Web designers tasked with increasing a site’s popularity and search engine rankings rely on smart color choices. When it comes to link-building efforts, starting with a site targets will see as worth linking to is paramount. An attractive and coherent site is more likely to be linked to, and successful web design utilizes color strategies like the ones mentioned in the infographic to make their site stand out.

The infographic highlights some success stories regarding smart uses of color. For example, the site Beamax managed to increase clicks on links by more than 50% by changing their link color from blue to a higher contrasting red. While this won’t help with the algorithms, these strategies will increase traffic and link-clicking, which eventually helps with SEO optimization.

More examples abound, as research has consistently shown that color strategies for branding and conversions have improved revenue for thousands of websites. By some estimates, conversions can be increased by an average of almost 10% by switching to a more appropriate color. Check out this and many more eye-opening stats here and down in the infographic below!

This is How Color Choices Affect Your Link-Building Efforts [Infographic] via @heroicsearch


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