How to Use AI for Link Building

While artificial intelligence may have seemed like the appropriate subject matter for science fiction movies not too long ago, it’s now part of daily life whether you realize it or not. Behemoths like Apple, Amazon, Google and Microsoft have already incorporated AI into their daily practices. More specifically, this kind of technology is used for voice searches and voice commands that help those brands improve the user experiences they provide.

As it relates to search engine optimization, artificial intelligence is also making a difference as you’re reading this. If you’re an SEO or digital marketer, you can use AI to enhance your link building campaigns. While artificial intelligence hasn’t advanced to the point where it can fully automate the link building process, it still has its useful purposes for any SEO or marketer who’s tasked with building links.

Prospect for Websites

Artificial intelligence is particularly useful at certain stages of the link building process, such as the prospecting phase. You can leverage AI to identify sites that may want to link to your own website. Sponsored or contributed content can be particularly persuasive when you’re searching for link partners.

To find prospects, you should search for relevant publications and informational websites that the members of your target market will have an interest in. You can use terms like “magazine,” “digest” and “information” along with your industry’s name to find prospective partner sites.

Once you find relevant sites, you’ll want to look them over. You’ll want to see how often they publish content and check out the publish dates for their most recent pieces of content. You should also review the websites’ respective designs to ensure they provide pleasant user experiences. It’s important for you to do these things because you don’t want your site, links or brand to be associated with a website that’s outdated or one that isn’t user-friendly and intuitive.

Because you’ll want to constantly add new candidates to your list of prospects, you may want to consider using Google Alerts to monitor your searches. When a new result is detected, Google Alerts will send you a notification.

Search for Bloggers and Influencers

Just like you should prospect for websites, you should do the same for bloggers and influencers. In many cases, bloggers and influencers will not have the staff that publications and informational websites do, but that doesn’t mean they’re without powerful resources that can benefit you.

Many bloggers and influencers have large, dedicated followings. This means a link that points to your website can send a lot of traffic in your direction.

Once again, artificial intelligence can help you prospect to find influencers and bloggers. You can use Watson Analytics, which processes text, to search for industry terms used by relevant bloggers and influencers. Tools like Watson Analytics are able to search for terms the way people actually use them.

AI tools can even predict similar text and speech patterns, which can help you find bloggers and influencers who use terms that are only similar to the ones you’re searching for rather than just exact matches. This predictive capability is significant because it can enable you to identify even more opportunities to secure links.

There are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind as your search for influencers and bloggers continues. Again, you don’t want your website affiliated with outdated platforms so make sure the blogs and influencers you find publish regularly and that they’ve published recently. You should see how much engagement their posts get, too. In general, feeds that attract of lot of engagement will be better to get links from.

You should evaluate the social media platforms prospective bloggers and influencers use as well. Are they the platforms that your target audience uses most often? When influencers and bloggers use the same social sites that the members of your target audience use, it can be beneficial in instances where they share your content or share links to your site on their social pages.

Reputation is extremely important when you’re choosing bloggers and influencers to partner with. Some of these people have powerful opinions. While there’s nothing wrong about being passionate, you have to make sure their opinions are in line with your own. You also need to ensure their points of view aren’t too polarizing or off-putting for your target audience.

Analyzing the Potential Impact of Your Prospects

When it comes to the potential impact that the prospective websites, blogs and influencers you’ve identified can have on where you rank for keywords, this is where artificial intelligence as it currently exists really shines. That’s because AI can process data from a host of sources that determines variables and clusters that relate to how Google ranks websites.

Artificial intelligence can also identify patterns you might not be familiar with, which can be indicative of the impact that links from certain sources might have. While you can use artificial intelligence software like Rulex Analytics to process all this information, you still need to collect the data you want the software to process.

Luckily, there are many websites and online tools that you can use to gather information about potential link building partners. Moz, Majestic and Ahrefs are a few of the websites you may want to check out. BrightLocal, GTMetrix and Google PageSpeed Insights are few of the tools that may interest you. It’s worth noting that these AI tools can as be useful for your sales team as they are for your link building. 

Get in Touch with Our Link Building Agency

As artificial intelligence advances, it’ll be increasingly important for SEOs and digital marketers to figure out how they can use AI to streamline their work and make things easier on themselves. Just as importantly, SEOs and digital marketers will need to learn how to use AI to produce better results for their clients or employers.

Our link building agency is always on the leading edge of innovation, which is why we eagerly embraced the use of artificial intelligence in our link building process. We recognize that AI is the wave of the future as it relates to many things, including link building. To learn how we use AI to build high-quality links for our clients and how we can do the same for you, contact Heroic Search today.


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